Class Descriptions

beginner yoga

Fundamental Flow | This class is perfect for people who are new to yoga or want to re-familiarize themselves with the basics. Learn the fundamental aspects of the practice such as breathing and proper alignment in postures. These classes are smaller in size with more individualized instruction so you can ask questions make requests. Read more on the Fundamental Flow class page.

slow flow

Slow Flow | Great for beginners or people who prefer a slower paced class. Flow in and out of poses with a strong emphasis on alignment and breath control. Taking the time to settle deeper into postures helps develop a solid foundation regardless of how long you have been practicing. Slow flow is also suitable for beginners or people with limited mobility. Read more about Slow Flow.

vinyasa mixed

Vinyasa Mixed | Flow class offering options for all levels of practice. Dynamic movements and creative sequencing are woven together with breath awareness to create heat and release tension from the body. Vinyasa classes are often compared to a “meditation in motion” where the body takes on various shapes while the mind remains focused and relaxed. Read more on the Vinyasa Mixed class page.

yoga teacher jen snyder

Buddhi Flow | Our signature class combines Amanda’s ultra smooth vinyasa style with Carolina’s creative and powerful sequencing. Get expert adjustments and explore unique variations while flowing through seamless transitions. This class is open to vinyasa students of all levels and is great for yoga teachers who are looking to refine their style and add to their repertoire. Learn more about Buddhi Flow.

flow lyft

Flow Lift | Flow Lift is an innovative workout using light ankle and hand weights. You’ll be challenged in a whole new way with cardio drills, fun combination moves, and influences from yoga, pilates, and weight training. Get lean, improve balance, develop core strength, and increase bone density. Both classes are 45-minutes with cool-down and final relaxation. Learn more about Flow Lift!

vinyasa 2/3

Vinyasa 2/3 | A strong vinyasa class for all levels focusing on inversions, core strength, arm balances and flying techniques. Using the wall and blocks for assistance makes these challenging postures accessible, invigorating and fun! Deep Backbends and binds are woven throughout. Come challenge yourself and enjoy the many benefits of going upside down. More on the Vinyasa 2/3 class at Buddhi.

align and flow

Align and Flow | A vinyasa style class integrating mindful movement and steady attention to the breath, cultivating a deepened self-awareness through inquiry and exploration of the yoga postures. Postures are held for longer periods to emphasize proper alignment, build strength, and encourage movement from a place of intention. This class is suited for beginners to advanced practitioners alike seeking to enhance clarity, sustainability, attention, and presence in their practice.

ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga | In Ashtanga Yoga the postures are done in a set sequence that does not change. Students work on the First Series and sometimes explore poses from the next few series. Done in the traditional setting where the breath is the only “music” played, the class begins with Sun Salutations A and B and continues on by holding every pose for a count of five breaths. Explore a deep connection to breath, bandhas, and drishti. Read more about Ashtanga Yoga.

yin yoga

Yin Yoga | Yin yoga works on stretching the connective tissue around the joints in a gentle way. Mainly targeting the ankles, knees, hips and pelvis, postures are practiced on the ground in seated, supine and prone positions. Get a slow release by holding all poses passively for 2-5 minutes. This is a great way to relax and end your day feeling open and realigned.Read more about the many benefits of Yin yoga classes.

restorative yoga

Restorative | Revitalize the body and mind using fundamental yoga postures with the assistance of props. This class facilitates a deep kinesthetic awareness through longer hold times, gentle movement, and a more passive approach to maintaining the state of each position. Suitable for all levels and can be practiced exclusively or as a supplement to a more vigorous yoga practice. Read more about Restorative Yoga.

prenatal yoga

Prenatal | Enjoy the many physical and emotional benefits of yoga in a safe, nurturing environment. Sequences and postures are selected and modified specifically to prepare the mother for the birthing experience while nurturing the connection with her baby. Open the hips, release the low back, and learn breathing techniques for relaxation. Read more about Prenatal Yoga.

kids yoga classes

Kids Yoga | Children these days have packed schedules and sometimes move at a frantic pace. This class is for kids ages 3-7. Start them young in learning yoga poses with breathing and relaxation techniques while using their imagination in a fun and non-competitive enviroment. Roberta Rogers is a certified children’s yoga teacher at both Methodist and Gilispie schools in La Jolla. Get more information on the Kids Yoga class page.

tween yoga

Tween Yoga | Pre-teens who do yoga experience less mood problems and anxiety while improving mindfulness, resilience, and anger expression. By combining yoga postures with breath control and awareness, students learn how to tune in to their bodies and improve self-esteem. This class also includes an art activity and meditation.

Community Class | Come to Buddhi Sundays at 6pm and take a $5 vinyasa class taught by a different teacher every week. This is a great opportunity to treat a friend to yoga and experience a wide variety of styles.

healing yoga and meditation

Healing Yoga and Meditation | The benefits of meditation have been extensively documented. This gentle and mindful class emphasizes asanas that give the spine greater flexibility and awaken the chakras for deep healing on all levels of being. Learn breathing practices that expand awareness and be masterfully guided into effortless meditation. Michele Hébert is a Raja Yoga Master Teacher, award-winning author, and founder of the first meditation-based stress management program at the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla.

happy back class

Happy Back | The Happy Back class is designed to cultivate optimal spinal health and comfort. Many of us spend our days sitting, driving, hunched over, or carrying stress in our shoulders. All of this can lead to poor spinal health and chronic back pain. This class helps to alleviate back pain and other spinal issues. Alignment-based yoga postures are taught to create stability and space in the hips and spine, as well as relieve tension in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Learn more about the Happy Back class at Buddhi Yoga.