Leah is Buddhi Yoga Teacher of the Month

We love Buddhi Yoga Teacher Leah Vacher!

We’ve known Leah since she worked behind the desk at La Jolla Yoga Center. She has an infectious smile and always upbeat. If you’re feeling down or in a bad mood, five minutes with Leah will cheer you up in no time. She works her butt off in every thing she does and it has been so special to watch her blossom into the wonderful yoga instructor that she is. We were thrilled when she signed up for our very first training and hired her right away to be a Buddhi Yoga Teacher. Read on to find out who inspires her and how she keeps on going despite being one of the busiest women we know.

Buddhi Yoga Teacher

You are pretty young for being such an awesome yoga teacher. Tell us how yoga became such a big part of your life.

When I started practicing, I wasn’t consistent. I worked TOO much and went to school so I only squeezed yoga in roughly once a week, but i loved the way it made me feel. Once I got to a point where financially I could work less, I started practicing more and more. Yoga is a snowball effect in my opinion, the more you go, the more you crave it and keep going and going. Also, the more you go, the more your whole life seems to evolve. From relationships, to your thoughts, actions, and just your overall being.

Who have been your biggest inspirations? Not just for teaching yoga but in your life overall.

My family. My dad has always supported me with whatever crazy idea I’ve had. Growing up we didn’t have much, but he provided for our family the best he could. I think being raised up with the mindset of working hard for what you want, caring for others and having love for your family is the best way. Also my sister. She is a wife, mom of 2, nursing school student and a rock star. I have no idea how she does it all, but she manages to juggle it all with ease.

Your playlists are always on point. What are a few artists/songs that have been on heavy rotation in your classes lately?

Some of my fave flaves are:
Hands to Hold- Bob Moses
Jacuzzi- Croquet Club
Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap
Anything and EVERYthing by Odeza.

Buddhi Yoga Teacher

You have quite a bit going on in your life – school, job and a full teaching schedule. Where do you find the energy to balance it all?

That is an excellent question, and I have NO clue. I find if I stop moving then I get tired, so I always like to plan to have my days full of activities. It’s hard living in San Diego because there is always something fun to do, but you just have to find the right balance between studying yet still having a life.

If you could have dinner with 5 famous people dead or alive, who would you invite?

1- Benjamin Franklin
2- Britney Spears
3- Ryan Gosling
4- Buster Posey
5- Charles Darwin

It is definitely a well rounded table. The first and last I had to choose because it is fascinating how intelligent they were! Their discoveries have changed our lives so much, I love it! Also Ryan would have to sit next to me and I would convince him to marry me. And after dinner we could hit AT&T park in SF, first being sang to by my favorite singer ever, Britney (LOL) then we could watch the Giants play a game against the Dodgers and Buster could hit the game winning home run.

What advice would you give younger and newer instructors who are nervous to start teaching?

Go for it! You’re already amazing, so just keep it up. Practice on anybody who is willing to listen. Teach the community class at your home studio. Don’t be critical of yourself, who cares if you have the best sequence! Creat a class that you are comfortable teaching. Being confident with yourself is key and it will show in your teaching. Try new studios, styles, teachers and make connections. Reflect on each class you take, what did you learn? What was good or bad? What do you want to take away from it. Never stop learning. I have recently dived into Light on Yoga and holy cow, it’s so much, but so amazing. Just know that teaching yoga comes from your heart. Spread your love and light to whoever is willing to receive it that day and know you have touched peoples lives even though you might not think it.

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