Erol Dimmitt is Our Student of the Month

Erol Dimmitt

We love seeing more men in yoga, so when a local trainer brought in two of his gym mates to class, it made us pretty happy. Over the course of the next few weeks Erol Dimmitt and his buddies kept showing up! It became the mid-week yoga party with just the right amount of testosterone. Here we are over nine months later and they’re still going strong attending four classes a week early in the morning before work. We wanted to feature Erol, an ex-pro golfer who has discovered many benefits from a consistent yoga practice. Next time you see him in class, say hello!

Tell Us How You Were Introduced to Yoga

Anthony Roumell, our trainer, brought me to Buddhi Yoga and wow! It has been fun!

Are There Any Physical and Mental Changes You Have Noticed Since You Started Maintaining a Regular Practice?

I don’t like using the word flexible because it sounds weak. However, I see an increase in my range of motion while still maintaining the horse power that is vital to an athlete regardless of being a golfer or a football lineman.

Here is my transformation mentally. Imagine yourself on your mat almost fully undressed in exposed positions no more than six feet away from a stranger who is also in their exposed position, and not for a moment do you sense your exposure. All you hear is your breath.

In Your Opinion, What Are the Most Important Qualities of a Good Yoga Teacher

Aware and patient (Jenna), hands-on (Leah), caring (Andres) , a little combat (Magdalena) and confident (Carolina)

You Mentioned That You Might be Interested in Getting Your Yoga Teacher Certification. Tell Us More

I enjoy developing movement patterns like a cook explores recipes. I love to exercise since it really helps the ability to play golf better and hit the ball harder and further. As we get older, everything becomes more difficult to do and the harder it becomes, the less we do it or we make efforts to avoid it. Yoga opens up the range of motion to make us better functioning human beings. Now add strength to that and you have bottled magic. If I were to conduct yoga classes they would be for people who want to become stronger and mobile. Golf is the perfect example of grace and power while still maintaining accuracy.

Erol Dimmitt

Take Us Back to Your Golfing Days

Ahhh, the was-once days! I grew up in Europe born to an American (Polish) Dad and Turkish mother who gave me all the support as a young man and opportunity to play golf. It was my first love and has never left me after all these years until I met my life’s partner, Nicole. The path took me from European DODSEUR Amateur Champion all the way to Head Professional at some of the most renowned golf clubs in Germany while globe trotting with some really interesting personalities. I love to teach and did some 40,000 hours during my career, and to this day I can honestly say I gave each and every lesson the best I had at that moment. Franz Beckenbaur (a soccer player) once said after a lesson, “he has the golden eye”. Well, now at 57 the eyes don’t see as well, but I can fix a golf swing faster than an oil change at Jiffy Lube.

It made us so happy that you and the “muscle boys” were coming to yoga because men are outnumbered in classes and they seem to need it just as much, if not more. What would you say to the men out there who haven’t yet tried yoga for fear of not being flexible enough or because they still think it isn’t a good workout?

Yoga, like any other sport or fitness activity, needs a mentor. People don’t understand Yoga. Youth is wasted on the young! The young person is young, healthy and mobile so why would they be thinking about increased mobility and life-long awareness at a young age? They don’t. I think Yoga will grow as people become more aware and also out of necessity…Yoga is in a good place and if you care about a friend, treat them to a yoga class at Buddhi.

Does Erol Dimmitt Have a “Goal” Pose

There are poses I feel I can see myself from the third person, and there are those that I can only imagine how they work. I’m finally mastering the headstand and feel that soon I will do a handstand in class without hurting a neighbor.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Buddhi Yoga

I love the atmosphere and the people. How do you explain something that comes so naturally and just feels right?

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