Choosing a San Diego Yoga Teacher Training

How to Decide Which San Diego Yoga Teacher Training is Right for You

It seems like every yoga studio in town is always promoting a teacher training.  But which San Diego Yoga Teacher Training is best for you?  They are a fairly big investment and choosing the right program is an important decision.  Here are a few tips to make sure that you end up with the best experience possible.

san diego yoga teacher training

Who is Leading the Yoga Teacher Training

Take several classes from the lead teacher before signing up.  Make sure you connect with their energy, the class feels good to your body and notice if you are left with a feeling of wanting to learn more from them.  If there is more than one leader, take everyone’s class at least once.  The training will be more meaningful for you if you feel a strong connection to at least one of the head instructors.

How Much Experience Do the Leaders Have

Teacher trainings are a great revenue stream for yoga studios and they are often thrown together without much thought and led by teachers that only have 1 or 2 years of experience.  Everyone who has taught yoga classes definitely has something of value to share.  However instructors who have been teaching longer have a wealth of knowledge and insight that only comes with time and experience.  Seek out a training led by people that have been teaching several years.  Buddhi Yoga is one of the only San Diego Yoga Teacher Trainings whose leaders have over ten years of teaching under their belt.

How Many Instructors are Involved in the Training

Seek out a training with multiple styles and instructors.  Be weary of those that are primarily led by one person.  Teacher trainings are an enormous amount of work.  To lead one alone is exhausting and it’s very difficult to stay fresh and inspired.  At Buddhi Yoga we enlist a team of people to share what they know best.  This makes for a rich and colorful experience that is sure to inspire you further along your path.  Learning different techniques and viewpoints helps to illuminate that fact that there is not one “right” way to teach yoga.  We want to create an atmosphere where you are able to find your own voice and identity as a yoga teacher and a yogi.

Trust Your Instincts

You will be spending many hours in the studio and with the teachers, other trainees and overall community of the place you choose.  How do you feel when you take class at different yoga studios?  Be like Goldilocks and try out different spaces and teachers until you find a training that is “just right.”  Even if you are not 100% sure or clear on which one is for you, you will definitely have a stronger feeling about one more than any others.  Trust this inner voice and you won’t regret it.  Yoga teacher trainings are filled with positive people and leave you feeling inspired, empowered and renewed.  Take the time to do a little research before signing up so that you get the most out of this wonderful life experience.

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