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Every year Buddhi Yoga hosts a three week summer intensive. Our San Diego Yoga Teacher Training has attendees from all over the country. We’ve even had people fly in from other countries to learn the skills of teaching yoga in our jewel of a town. There are tons of teacher trainings in San Diego and beyond. How do you know which one to sign up for? If you’ve never taken class with the leaders, how do you know if it will be the right fit?

Who is Leading the San Diego Yoga Teacher Training at Buddhi Yoga?

The Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training is led by the owners of studio, Carolina Vivas and Amanda McCarroll. They are joined by senior teacher Jonathan Old-Rowe. If you don’t live in San Diego and can’t take our classes, we have the next best thing for you. is our online yoga studio. We have both livestream and on-demand classes. You can take our classes live, right along with the community at Buddhi Yoga. If you want to take class on your own time, we have over 150 on-demand yoga classes at your fingertips. The first 30 days are free so you can sign up and try as many classes as you want.

One of the advantages to having three leaders is that you get three different perspectives on the art of teaching yoga. We are all very philosophically aligned on the key elements of our carefully crafted program. However we are three very different teachers with our own unique styles. You are bound to love at least one of us!

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Deep Yoga Stretch
Full Body Tune-Up

Jonathan brings a special and unique voice to the training that he has refined over his last 16 years of teaching yoga. He has trained with some of our greatest contemporary yoga teachers such as Ana Forrest and Annie Carpenter. He has an incredible gift to infuse what he has learned from his trainings into his own authentic and powerful teaching style.

San Diego Yoga Teacher Training

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Welcome to Splitsville
Spin Me Round

Carolina has a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of yoga, especially sequencing, adjustments, advanced postures, and class design. Her ability to weave personal stories and experiences into her lectures make her discussions on all things yoga easy to understand and assimilate into modern life. Known for her power yoga style and strong physical practice, she guides students on facing fears and finding the courage to do things they never thought possible.

Try Amanda’s latest Slow Flow and Buddhi Flow Classes

Hollow Back Girl
Yoga for IT Bands

Amanda has a diverse background in vinyasa, yoga therapy and bodywork. She seamlessly integrates her anatomy knowledge throughout the training curriculum. She integrates her experience with Thai Massage and other forms of bodywork so that trainees how to adjust their students in a safe and skillful manner. Teaching both hatha, (slow flow) and vinyasa classes throughout her career, she is an expert at teaching how to modify classes for a wide range of students.

Why Are You Interested in a San Diego Yoga Teacher Training?

We want to hear more about you. What is your motivation for taking a teacher training? Who are your biggest influences and what do you hope to do with your newfound skills? Apply today for the Buddhi Yoga Summer Intensive.

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