Make Yoga Your New Year’s Resolution

Everyone is ready to jump back into a healthier lifestyle when the New Year is upon us. January feels like a new beginning, an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and get healthy, creative and organized. One of the keys to successful resolutions is keeping them simple. Adding a couple of yoga classes to your week is not only highly beneficial but also a very manageable goal. We want to make this your best year yet so Buddhi Yoga is offering a New Year Special for unlimited yoga classes. Sign up in January for only $119 a month and enjoy a wide variety of classes all day everyday so that you can enjoy the benefits of yoga all week long.

Why yoga is the perfect New Year’s resolution

Yoga is a great workout.

yoga mag stretchOur Buddhi Flow, Vinyasa Mixed and Ashtanga classes are challenging and fun and offer variations for all levels of practice. By connecting the breath with movement in a systematic way, we allow the mind to focus on what is happening in the present moment. These classes offer a great opportunity to disconnect from stress, worries and fear. The music, the movements and the teacher guide you into a deeper, more subtle awareness of what’s going on internally. This “meditation in motion” is what makes us feel so light and balanced after class. After a few weeks you will start to see more definition in the body and find that you are much stronger and more flexible all over.

Yoga is the ultimate stress reliever.

In addition to the more physically challenging classes listed above, our Slow Flow, Align and Flow, Beginner Flow, Happy Back and Restorative classes are the perfect setting to find a deep state of relaxation. We are busy in our lives and busy in our minds. Taking the time to tune out our surroundings and the constant flux of our thoughts is the best way to find more peace within and appreciate our lives with a fresh perspective.

Yoga helps to heal injuries and improve our health.

A regular yoga practice will relieve chronic pain and improve our overall health. Whether you have a heart condition or persistent low back pain, our staff and teachers will assist you in selecting the right class for you. Yoga is also the best cross-training. Improve posture, balance, strength and mobility so that you can do your favorite activities for the rest of your life.

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