Our San Diego Yoga Teacher Training Team

San Diego Yoga Teacher Training

The Inspiration for our San Diego Yoga Teacher Training

My very first teacher training at The Center for Yoga in Los Angeles was a multi-disciplinary training that introduced us to almost every major style of yoga. The training was led by one teacher, but each weekend there was a different instructor that taught us about a different style. We experienced Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Vini Yoga and Anusara Yoga. Not only were we able to get a taste for several styles of yoga, I learned early that different teachers have different strengths. The team of people they assembled were able to give us the best of what they had to offer. This experience greatly inspired the way we run our San Diego yoga teacher training program at Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla.

San Diego Yoga Teacher Training

Assembling Our Yoga Teacher Training Team

There is a never-ending list of possible topics to cover in a teacher training. Even with 15 years of teaching experience there are things that I am not comfortable covering myself when I know we have another instructor on staff that could do it better than I can. As directors of the training, Carolina and I like to utilize the highly skilled teachers at Buddhi Yoga to create the best San Diego yoga teacher training that we possibly can. Every training at our studio is different than the last. Our very first Buddhi Yoga training was primarily led by just Carolina and I and it was great! We were a brand new studio with a brand new manual and we had a small group of awesome students that became a little family. I wouldn’t change anything about it. However with each subsequent training we have learned a lot and have added segments with our other teachers and guest instructors as well.

Two of our founding principles at Buddhi Yoga are education and creativity. These principles are especially important when putting together a solid yoga teacher training. We aim to create a program that gives students everything from a solid foundation in yoga philosophy to understanding the principles of great sequencing. This program is not just for people who want to be teachers. It’s for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga than you can in regular group classes. The best way we can deliver on this promise is to rely on not just ourselves but the amazing instructors we have at Buddhi Yoga. Teacher trainings are hours upon hours of instruction. When these hours are shared among an expert team, each segment is fresh, well-prepared and you are getting the very best of what each of us has to offer.

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