Kathleen Rafaat

Kathleen Rafaat

Kathleen Rafaat became interested in yoga 20 years ago as a triathlete and professional triathlon coach.  It allowed her to keep her body flexible after many hours of biking and running.  When she developed cancer in 2012, she knew her life should become more about creating a balance of body, mind and spirit.  

Her travels lead her to Nepal, practicing singing bowl therapy with Santa Ratna Shakya and to India, where she was educated as an Ayruvedic Counselor by the Kerala Academy.  She continues to study ancient Vedic chanting, taught by Mataji in Rishikesh and her long time Pranayama teacher in Bangalore, Master Mohanty.  She incorporates his wisdom of Bhakti and Antaranga Yoga in all of her classes. 

“Bringing awareness into the body with pranayama and meditation supports all yogis in their daily life – that is my path as a teacher to myself and others.”


“Kathleen’s pranayama class is magical!! From the moment you enter her class your senses are refreshed by beautiful candles, sound bowls, flowers and a smile! Kathleen’s class calms the mind, harmonizes the body, mind and spirit along with your emotions. Her practice prepares me for deeper meditation and fine tuning my yoga poses. Pranayama is so helpful in daily situations helping me to control my breath, emotions and my thought processes are calmer and clearer.” – Lea Brekke

“Kathleen’s pranayama class is a perfect blend of using ancient wisdom to fill a modern need. Her class is calming, relaxing, meditative, informative, creative and puts you in a rejuvenated, uplifted state of being. She is a true master and you feel calm just being in her presence. I highly recommend this class especially if you are dealing with anxiety or need to calm your mind.” – Jane Wheeler

“Pranayama with Kathleen is like a breath of joy and fresh air into my soul.  Through pranayama I am able to tap deeper into my energy and the effects last for days. I LOVE this class. It is gentle on your soul and awakens stored energy.” –Diane Berol

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