Pranayama & Meditation with Kathleen

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San Diego Yoga Class with Pranayama and Meditation

Here in La Jolla we’re lucky to have so many San Diego yoga studios to stretch and sweat. We know that moving to a pattern of asanas creates a peaceful mind and a healthy body. Yet, what if we could increase these yoga benefits by adding one simple thing to our daily practice?

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that combines the word Prana, life force, with the word Yama, meaning to “reign in” or “control.” Therefore, the word pranayama signifies control of life force. This conscious act of inhalation, retention and exhalation, gives us the power to develop a steady mind for meditation. Controlling the breath also affects the physical body by improving the circulatory, nervous, and respiratory systems.

Did You Know That Elongating the Breath Can Also Mean a Longer Life?

There are many benefits to practicing pranayama and meditation together. For instance, pranayama affects the chemistry of our brain by enhancing attention and improving neurological health. Meditation has been proven to lower blood pressure, elevate mood, sharpen intuition, and release stress. Above all, when we practice regularly, we experience more balance in every aspect of our lives.

Pranayama: The Gift of Our Own Breath

Ujjayi breathing, or “victorious” breath, is a well-known pranayama technique that settles the mind and relaxes the body. This type of breath also strengthens the diaphragm and flows more oxygen to the organs, which means you’ll be functioning at your optimum. Kathleen, your pranayama teacher, uses Tibetan bowls to activate the energy centers of your body (chakras). The sound from Tibetan Singing Bowls moves the brain to Theta wave frequencies, inducing deep meditative states. Release stress and ease into a meditation that will leave you floating out of class.

Kathleen Rafaat

Yoga is much more than just poses and stretching. Pranayama and meditation are a big part of the eight-limbed yogic path. Join Kathleen at your favorite San Diego yoga studio every Wednesday morning at 10:45. Kathleen has been traveling through the richness of Nepal and India for the last six years. As a result, she gathers inspiration for her classes at Buddhi Yoga. Kathleen loves to incorporate mantras and sound with her harmonium and singing bowls. Slip you into meditation for a blissful start to your day.

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