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We recently got the chance to join our Buddhi Yoga teacher Mike Blasi for his podcast called The Yoga Frequency. We sat down and talked about why we got into yoga, the physical aspect of the practice, teacher training, and much more. You can find the episode featuring Amanda McCarroll and Carolina Vivas right here.

What We Talked About

Buddhi Yoga and yourBuddhiAmanda and Carolina have completely different styles, both equally important elements of their signature style: Buddhi Flow. Amanda, also known as the Queen of Smooth, for example, talks about moving meditation.
Amanda: “I did yoga here and there, I took a class in college for credit and it really piqued my interest. When I moved to California and found my first Vinyasa teacher, it hooked me. It was so smooth and the flow was non-stop. It was very physically challenging and I was sweating so much but it got me completely out of my head in a way that had never happened to me before. It required a lot of movement yet it was completely seamless. I want it to be like a dance, that’s what feels good to me so that’s what I try to do for other people.”

On top of the physical asana practice, it’s important to connect the practice of yoga to its more spiritual components. Carolina says: “Coming to class is like getting your fix, almost. You scratch the surface a little bit on the physical level and maybe even on a mental and emotional level too. However, the deeper parts of the practice are things that you have to seek out on your own. Basically you just scratch the surface in a group class, and you get a little taste of something deeper but you’re not really going to understand it and put it into practice in your own life until you do more work. Reading yoga books, have direct meditation experience and exploring workshops and teacher trainings with several instructors helps us go beyond the movement.”

The original #buddhibabes also talked about how they started working together, and how yourBuddhi.com and Buddhi Yoga came about.

A: “She (Carolina) had moved to Phoenix and I just felt like she was doing something. I asked her, what are you up to down there? and it turned out she was working on a website for audio downloads and I just wanted in on whatever she was doing. I just knew her trajectory and wanted to jump on.”

C: “Yeah I remember we were getting so many requests from people who would go out of town and wanted our classes and so we just knew we had to do it. I had spent around $600 so I said give me another $600 and you’re in 50/50. So we literally went on the internet and found this guy in India to program our first website so we would sell our audios. It seemed like the logical next step for us. We ended up having so much fun, although we didn’t really know what we were doing at first and it was a lot of work!”

You can find Amanda and Carolina teaching at Buddhi Yoga. Listen over here, for the full length interview and get the whole story. Find out what’s the deal with the word Buddhi, where it all started and where it’s going.

“Thats the thing with yoga, it changes with you—it changes for you.”

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