Super Yogi is Back!

Super Yogi Series

Super Yogi is an Advanced Vinyasa Class

Do you love arm balances and inversions but don’t get enough time practicing then in mixed level classes? Try Super Yogi with Carolina to learn how to improve on these challenging postures and explore new poses you’ve never seen before. Prior yoga knowledge is suggested for attending this class, but you by no means need to be a seasoned pro. Sometimes this class is taught “workshop style” and we use the wall with plenty of props to make difficult poses more accessible.

What to Expect in Advanced Yoga Classes

Super Yogi flows at a steady pace to build heat quickly and we jump right into neutral arm balances like crane, baby crane, and headstand. You’ll be doing lots of twisting postures, standing balancing poses, all sorts of binds, and a fair share of deep backbends. The class is different every week, so you’ll get a wide variety of postures and flows every time you show up. The room is always heated to 82 degrees and the demanding sequences will get you sweating right away, so please bring a towel. All levels of practice can benefit from this weekly class and you’ll be hooked on the fun and intimate vibe.

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Learn How to Be Fearless

There are many benefits to doing Super Yogi advanced vinyasa classes! Aside from building up your strength and flexibility, you’ll also be working on improving your breathing, concentration, and how to be more fearless. As we grow older, we tend to become more cautious and a little more fearful. Taking this level 2/3 vinyasa class is the perfect way to let go of fear and explore poses that give you the opportunity to work hard while remaining calm. This is a skill that easily transfer to other areas of our lives.

Super Yogi with Carolina Vivas

Wednesdays 7-8:15pm

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