Carolina Vivas

Carolina vivas

Yoga has been a big part of Carolina’s life for a long time, and she strongly believes that having a consistent practice creates impactful changes in both body and mind. Her unique vinyasa style draws various influences from Ashtanga, Power Yoga, and all the master teachers she has studied with over the years. Carolina’s classes are fun, smoothly sequenced, and infused with practical yoga philosophy. She teaches a challenging class that’s perfectly balanced so that you’re energized, but never depleted. Always offering options for all levels, Carolina encourages her students to stay focused on the breath to maintain a calm state of mind. She also loves to give lots of amazing adjustments and her playlists will make you want to get up dance!

Carolina is co-owner of Buddhi Yoga and co-founder of Your Buddhi and FlowLIFT Fitness.


“Carolina has been an inspiration to me since the first class I took from her about 17 years ago. Carolina’s words have been both meaningful and inspirational. Many times I have finished my practice and I’m left thinking about the thoughts she has left me with and I take them with me throughout my day, night and future days. Carolina’s classes are like no other! The sequencing, adjustments and music are always new, fresh, interesting, and most of all, fun! I feel so blessed and lucky to have the ability to practice yoga with this teacher! She is truly a beautiful person inside and out!” -Vicky Graham

“I began doing yoga with Carolina in 2010 as a beginner. Prior to that I primarily did Pilates. After four years of group classes and private lessons, she has taken my practice to a another level in an extreme way. I especially love that I continue to be challenged every time I work with Carolina. I look forward to every single yoga session! She is creative, unique and pushes your body and mind beyond its limits. She is simply one of the best.” – Cambra Finch

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