Magdalena Patterson

Magdalena Patterson

Throughout her decade-long career in the fitness industry, Magdalena worked at San Diego’s top health clubs as a personal trainer, group class instructor, and boot camp leader before starting her own personal training business in 2008. She has always been an avid yogi, practicing whenever she could. In 2010, she dedicated her time to expanding her practice and followed her passion for yoga by joining the La Jolla Yoga Center teacher training program. She has been teaching yoga since.

Magdalena leads her classes with smile and open heart, inviting her students to relax and enjoy the journey. Her Vinyasa classes offer a great balance of peaceful, restorative energy and vigorous, energizing asanas. Magdalena strives to deliver an emotionally and spiritually uplifting class, while “sneaking in” lots of core work and strengthening postures. While her classes are based on Vinyasa flow, you can also expect to hold asanas for a longer time, truly experiencing and taping into the full expression, beauty, and strength of each posture. There are always modifications to each posture, and Magdalena’s classes are truly for yogis of all levels of practice. She encourages every student to explore their unique expression of each posture, honoring the teacher within each and every one of us. Her goal is for every student to feel and absorb the peaceful energy that we create in the class.

During her pregnancy, Magdalena found an even deeper love for yoga, connecting with the growing life within. She dedicated time to become certified as a prenatal yoga teacher. Magdalena loves teaching prenatal yoga, and she believes it is the most important time in a woman’s life to focus on the mental, emotional and physical benefits of yoga.


“As a new student to yoga, I was very fortunate to have Mags as one of my instructors! Her instructions are precise, she is patient and makes for a great role model. There is a connection that you feel with her immediately and with her easy smile, you are sad when the session is over! We are all so happy for the new addition in her life, and even happier that she is continuing to share her vast yoga knowledge with us!” – Linda Balducci

“Magdalena is a highly skilled, professional and knowledgable teacher. I have taken Mags’ classes weekly since October 2012. She ensures that each class includes wide variety of poses and breaks them down to give options for each level of experience. She also emphasizes mindful breathing, and her whole class feels like a movement meditation. Magdalena is also a personal trainer and her knowledge of the way muscles work really helped me to understand how to do each pose correctly. She is motivating, encouraging, gracious, sincere and dedicated to helping me be the best yogi I can be. She is WONDERFUL!” – Patricia Case

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