Amanda McCarroll

Amanda mccarroll

Amanda’s ultra-smooth vinyasa style calms the mind, tones the body, and promotes greater flexibility. It ultimately teaches students how to use yoga as a tool for creating health and happiness. After graduating from Michigan State with a degree in psychology, Amanda went on to take several teacher trainings in Los Angeles and received her 500-hour certification from the YogaRX program at Loyola Marymount University. She received her HHP from IPSB in San Diego and uses her knowledge of bodywork and yoga therapy to expertly teach all levels of practitioners. Her philosophy is simple: yoga teaches us to be present, and in this presence peace and contentment are found. Amanda is co-owner of Buddhi Yoga and co-founder of Your Buddhi, a site for online yoga.


“My yoga practice has grown in stamina and style because of Amanda and her teaching methods. She offers a new experience with each class in a variety of poses, challenges, and creative nuances. Amanda promotes the details of yogic breathing, alignment, and core strength. Her smile and upbeat philosophy of life energize each session.” – Penny Wilkes

“I have been a faithful follower of Amanda for the past 8+ years.
Her classes are very motivating, uplifting and superbly conducted.
She has been a leading yoga instructor in our community.” – Marlene, La Jolla

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