Jon Old-Rowe

jon old-rowe

Fourteen years ago I began yoga in a teacher training. It was actually a practice that began to quell my mind’s desires and addictions to pain and suffering. I initially had no clue that the physical body, or my spirit was going to be something I could fall in love with. Through a daily practice and much guidance, the links between my breath, mind, body and unique spirit gave me a heightened sense of the importance of love on all levels…for the individual self and all beings surrounding it. Yoga has become a big part of every aspect of my life and has allowed me to remain a thriving, productive being within our world. It is my passion to give all my knowledge to those that seek so that i might be able to inspire them on their own path to their own unique truth within the collective whole. What our world is creating in the physical space is an example of what our intellect and spirits are capable of sustaining in all realms.


“Jonathan Old-Rowe holds space profoundly well… He is genuine and present with his students. Taking his class always reminds me of what is important in this life. Jonathon’s honest vulnerability makes his classes an experience like nothing else. He is a gift in my life and a gift to the yoga community.” -Jill Hybertsen

“I have traveled the world over the last couple of years practicing yoga in Australia, Thailand, Bali, Mexico and all over San Diego and Jon is easily one of the best. He never ceases to impress me every class with his creativity, raw spirituality, and unique , undeniably lovable flavor. He has something hard to find in the yoga community both in San Diego and America. His diverse global yogic experience and true alignment between his spirit and his teachings sets him apart. I am honored to call him a friend and I am forever grateful for the inspiration he lit inside of me years ago.” -Matthew Schotz

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