Buddhi’s Top 3 Yogis

top 3 yogis

Just recently we got to thinking about who had done the most classes at Buddhi Yoga La Jolla since we opened in 2014.  Thanks to our lovely manager, Chelsea, the polls are in.  Over the years we’ve had many students come and go, but at the core is a special group of students that have become staples in all our classes.  We can’t say enough about how lucky we feel to have so many wonderful people who share this amazing practice with us year after year.

*Drum roll please*

Lea Brekke has done a total of 1,483 classes.

We’ve known Lea for what seems like forever.  She started taking our classes right when we opened Buddhi Yoga La Jolla.  She always walks into the studio with a big smile, she brings us treats and flowers from time to time, and her warmth is intoxicating.  Lea tells everyone about Buddhi and she often brings her family in to take classes or hang out at the studio. We love Leah, she’s the sweetest!

We asked Lea Brekke a few questions, and we hope you introduce yourself the next time you see her at the studio.

Why do you love yoga?

Yoga brings me so much happiness, peace and joy! Yoga slows down my busy mind and directs me to the here and now!! Mindfulness!!! Yoga at Buddhi Yoga is amazing as I have found a wonderful, happy, caring community along with such wonderful classes and instructors!!

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What is your favorite style to practice?

I can’t say I have a favorite practice as each style has different results. Some of my favorite styles are slow flow, kundalini, vinyasa, and pranayama!!

What do you do for work and fun?

I love walking on the beach with family and friends, gardening, golfing, being with my family, meditating and just being grateful for the gift of life.

What is your favorite and least favorite pose and why?

My favorite pose is warrior two as it reinforces the strength we have within ourselves and reminds me to stay focused on the direction I have chosen. My least favorite pose is handstand. I do need to work on my confidence in this area as well as muscle strength!

What is your hidden talent?

My hidden talent is a feeling of gratitude for all the gifts of life that have been given to all of us on a daily basis!! I constantly reinforce this feeling of gratitude waking up and throughout the day! Pausing and being Grateful for the smallest to the greatest things in my life.

Two more of our extraordinary top 3 yogis and students are…

top 3 yogis

Sofia Bucay has done 1356 classes.

Sofia has been with us for a very long time too.  She loves yoga and FlowLIFT!  Thank you Sofia for always showing up with a smile and inspiring others to work hard.  Your constant feedback has helped us improve a lot over the years and we appreciate how you spread the word about us.  Your dedication to yoga and to Buddhi is so wonderful and we are so thankful to have students like you in the Buddhi family.

“Buddhi Yoga brings me into my perfect state of mind.  I always feel a peaceful happiness after every class, including FlowLIFT! I love the teachers and the entire vibe — from the garden to the colors and location.  It truly is my home away from home and I don’t know what I’d without it.”

Erika Kyte has done 996 classes.

Erika is a Buddhi original.  Not only is she a wonderful student, but she also attended the Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training.   You can catch her subbing the restorative and prenatal classes.  She brings friends to classes and tries all of our new teachers, making them feel more welcome to the studio.  Thank you Erika for always supporting us and encouraging us to grow as teachers and as a community.

“I love going to Buddhi for yoga because everyone is treated the same there – greeted with a warm smile.  The space is bright and beautiful in a quiet way.  I love the menu of classes and the teachers who are varied and yet share a common thread – Buddhi (higher wisdom).”

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