Vinyasa Yoga Classes at Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla


There are so many styles of yoga out there, it can be confusing when looking for what is right for you. At Buddhi Yoga, we pride ourselves on having some of San Diego’s best vinyasa yoga classes. The word Vinyasa is sanskrit and it’s root words are nyasa (“to place”) and vin (“in a special way”). We interpret this in classes by transitioning from pose to pose in a rhythmic flow with our attention directed toward the breath so that we “place” our entire being “in a special way.” This connection between the flow of the breath and the movement of the body is what makes Vinyasa Yoga a meditation in motion. While proper alignment is an important focus of these classes, the connection between the body and breath is paramount and helps to create an overall state of peace and freedom. Repetition of postures and smooth-flowing sequences help to build strength, improve flexibility and quiet the mind. For more information on Vinyasa Yoga in La Jolla class schedules, contact Buddhi Yoga at (858) 886-7580 for class schedules.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes for Everyone

Not all yoga practitioners are alike. We have three styles of vinyasa classes that cater to people of all levels of yoga experience:

Slow Flow

Slow flow classes are great for beginners or people who prefer a slower paced class. Flow in and out of poses with a strong emphasis on alignment and breath. Taking the time to settle deeper into postures helps develop a solid foundation regardless of how long you have been practicing.

Vinyasa Mixed

Vinyasa Mixed classes offers options for all levels of practice. Dynamic movements and creative sequencing are woven together with breath awareness to create heat and release tension from the body. Vinyasa classes are often compared to a “meditation in motion” where the body takes on various shapes while the mind remains focused and relaxed.

Buddhi Flow

Buddhi Flow is our signature class that combines Amanda’s ultra smooth vinyasa style with Carolina’s creative and powerful sequencing. Get expert adjustments and explore unique variations while flowing through seamless transitions. This class is open to vinyasa students of all levels and is great for yoga teachers who are looking to refine their style and add to their repertoire.

Because Vinyasa is a newer style of yoga that combines several traditions, it is hard to find an exact definition of the practice. However Marc Stephens delivers one of the most exquisite descriptions we have ever found in his wonderful book “Teaching Yoga,” so we will leave you with his words:

“Vinyasa Yoga reflects the constant interplay of human beings in the flow of life, connecting our inner nature, life experience, and the received wisdom of tradition as we explore and find new possibilities for creative expression and conscious living on the planet.”

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