February Teacher of the Month Jen Snyder

teacher of the month

Jen Snyder has been teaching at Buddhi Yoga since the very beginning.  Her warmth and style of teaching makes her a gem we can’t live without.  Jen makes a big effort to always be there for us, whether it be for subbing, teaching private classes or just being around to help behind the desk.  Her slow flow classes are a big favorite among our students and we lover her to pieces!  Get to know Jen with our five questions for Teacher of the Month.

Jen Snyder

How Were You Introduced to Yoga

Ever since I was in high school, I loved dancing, weight training, and any kind of group exercise class. In my late twenties I stumbled across a yoga class at Personalized Workout in La Jolla.  There was nothing I had experienced before that felt so good.  I loved the combination of dance-like movement and the opportunity for being fully present was so meditative and transformative.

Jen Snyder

Who Are Your Mentors

Over the past twenty-five years I have accumulated several role models, but the three main influences who helped shape my yoga teaching were Gerhard Gessner, Michael DeFrancisco, and Amanda McCarroll.  Gerhard was my first teacher, and he was  responsible for getting me hooked on yoga and eventually training me to  become a teacher.  Michael DeFrancisco, my meditation teacher, taught me valuable life lessons over the years and eventually trained me in Vedic Meditation.  Amanda McCarroll became another great inspiration! Her classes feed my soul with her smooth style and amazing music.

Jen Snyder

pastedGraphic.pngWhat’s Your Favorite Style of Movement?

Slow Flow of course! I like moving at a mellow pace with the breath.  It helps create a balance of strength and grace while being present.  It gives you a chance to feel muscles turn on and off in order to transition into poses and stay there for a bit.  It’s just a nice, calming way of moving.

What Advice Do You Have for Brand New Students?

I would say to get the breathing down first instead of worrying about whether you can do the poses “right” or not.  Practicing breathing in and out of your nose and using the diaphragm to breathe calms the nervous system and oxygenates the body so you can find more space, mentally and physically.  Breathing deeply will also keep you rooted in the moment and prevent injuries.  Breathing is something that both beginners and advanced practitioners need to focus on the most.

Jen Snyder

What is Your Idea of Perfect Happiness?

For me it’s the balance of learning, working and relaxing; That keeps me happy and satisfied. Learning new things from people who are passionate inspires me, and then applying it to my teachings makes work more rewarding.  I love to chill on the weekends with a friend, have quality time with my kids (ages 17 and 19, so whenever I can!), spend time outside in nature or cook healthy at home. It’s all about the little things that feed my soul.

Catch Jen Snyder Teaching

Jen teaches slow flow several times a week at Buddhi Yoga. Check out her schedule below and come in for a class!  She’s also teaching a free Instagram class on February 10th, so mark your calendar.

Monday 11am

Thursday 8:30am

Saturday 11am

Free Instagram Class on Thursday, February 10th 2022 @ 11:15am


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