Monica Mena Teacher of the Month

Monica Mena is one of our new Buddhi vinyasa teachers.  She’s from Mexicali and has recently been finishing up her FlowLIFT certification as well.  We love Moni! She’s always positive, sweet and she clearly has a passion for yoga and fitness.  We’re so lucky to have her as part of the Buddhi fam.

How Were You Introduced to Yoga  and FlowLIFT

I was introduced to yoga while studying in Mexico.  The only studio near me was a hot yoga studio, which I tried for a while, but eventually just started doing yoga videos in my apartment.  I can’t handle all that heat! I later found an amazing teacher named Any Corella, who teaches Ashtanga yoga in my hometown and I was hooked! After some years of practicing with her I decided to get certified and start teaching the vinyasa style of yoga. I began teaching at Buddhi, and that’s when I discovered FlowLIFT and found a new love! I’m now finishing up my certification to teach FlowLIFT as well.

Monica Mena

Who Are Your Mentors

In my life definitely Any, my first real yoga teacher, and then coming to Buddhi I feel like Carolina and Amanda have become amazing mentors as well.

What’s Your Favorite Style of Movement

Yoga, FlowLIFT and dancing! Hiking in nature is also a personal favorite always.
Monica Mena

What Advice Do You Have for Brand New Students?

Don’t pressure yourself to get all the moves! Be patient, yoga itself is a teacher.  She teaches us how to traverse life through the mat and the practice. The most important thing is that you feel connected with your body, breath and spirit. Yoga gives peace, not perfection.

What Makes the Buddhi Community Special?

All the teachers are amazing! Every class is so fun and a good sweat! I think every teacher is very prepared, which makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Monica Mena  Teaching Schedule

Tuesdays 4:30PM FlowLIFT
Tuesdays 5:30PM Vinyasa
Monica Mena

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