Five Reasons to Take A Yoga Certification

There are many reasons people take a teacher training.  They aren’t just for people who want to teach yoga in a studio.  When our students inquire about our yoga certification San Diego, we almost always encourage them to sign up.  If you feel the call to do one, then sometimes that’s all that matters.  Buddhi Yoga owners Carolina and Amanda both took their first 200 hour training around the time they discovered yoga.  Lead trainer Jon Old-Rowe took his very first class in a certification program.  So it could be said that it’s never too early.  It’s worthwhile to take classes from a variety of teachers at different studios until you find the right fit.  Once your curiosity and desire to learn more about yoga gets the best of you, it’s time to sign up.   Still not sure?  Maybe these five reasons will help you decide:

Five Reasons to Take a Yoga Certification San Diego

Yoga Certification San Diego

To better understand postures and alignment.

In our training program, we break down a variety of the different types of poses.  We discuss alignment, modifications and variations.  The anatomy is woven throughout the program so you are able to apply it as you learn it. Focus on what the body is doing in yoga poses and why we do them.  From the benefits to adjustments, pose breakdowns will shed light on many things that before seemed mysterious.

Learn about the philosophy of yoga.

The philosophy of yoga is vast and can’t be comprehensively covered in a 200 hour program.  The Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training program focuses on the 8 limbs from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  With a firm grasp on these principles, you’ll have an excellent philosophical foundation.

Develop a strong personal practice.

One of the best takeaways from a teacher training is learning how to practice on your own.  Group classes with a good teacher will always have value. Hopefully you will always be in an area with a yoga studio that you love going to.  However a daily personal practice in the quiet of your own space is a tremendous gift to give yourself.  Many people feel unsure how to begin a home practice.  The Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training strongly encourages a personal practice and we provide guidance for how to create one.

Bring awareness to the energetic body.  

If you’ve practiced yoga long enough, you are aware of the energy flowing through us.  Western medicine, religion and culture doesn’t emphasize or believe in the energetic system.  However many eastern and indigenous belief systems do.  For yogis, the existence of our subtle anatomy is undeniable because it can be felt so tangibly through the breath, asanas and other techniques.  In the Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training, trainees are introduced to the chakra system through lecture, kundalini yoga and other experiential exercises.

Become a yoga teacher.

Oh yes, and last but not least!  A 200 hour yoga teacher training will introduce the essential and foundational skills needed to teach a yoga class.  The Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training is a vinyasa based program.  By the end, trainees are able to teach a 75 minute class for all levels.  When students put the time and effort in throughout the training, the results always surprise them.  What at first seems very difficult and elusive becomes very clear.  This is truly just the beginning and graduates have a lot of practicing to do, but they have gained an exciting new skill that is very valuable to share with others.

If you feel like it’s the right time to embark on a new life adventure, apply now for our next yoga certification San Diego!  Feel free to email us with any questions you have.  Our Teacher Training page has all the info you need about our faculty, pricing and schedule.

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