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Our 200 hour San Diego Teacher Training is a posture-based training in the vinyasa style.  Yoga is a vast landscape with a rich history and philosophy.  However modern day yoga is more focused on the physical aspect of the practice.  It is through movement that we begin to experience the breath.  From here our curiosity grows and taking a teacher training is a great way to learn more about the other aspects of yoga.  Our program begins with an introduction to the importance and power of the breath.  After this foundation is established, we move on to breaking down yoga postures.  Throughout the entire length of the 200 hour program, learn about and experience the magical synergy of the breath and movement.

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Break Down Yoga Postures in Our San Diego Teacher Training

There are several categories of yoga postures that we will study in our San Diego Teacher Training.  These categories are standing poses, backbends, forward folds, spinal twists, hip openers, and inversions/arm balances.  We sprinkle postures from each category throughout the the Buddhi training sequence.

Standing Poses

Standing Pose

In standing poses, both feet or one foot (balancing) are on the ground in a specified stance.
The body is upright: the knees are above the ankles, the pelvis is above the knees, the
shoulders are above the pelvis. Physically, these postures strengthen, stabilize, create heat and
prepare the body for all other asanas. Energetically they ground and center. They are very
accessible to a wide range of practitioners and can be modified for even the most beginning



Backbends are poses that stretch and lengthen the front lines of the body while strengthening
the back of the body. They can be done from almost every position: reclined, seated, all fours,
standing and balancing on one foot. Physically they create space in the front of the body,
especially the hip flexors, the front of the spine and the chest. Energetically they are
stimulating and uplifting poses that open the heart space. Anatomically the primary action of
backbends are to extend the spine.

Forward Folds

Forward Folds

Forward folds are poses that stretch and lengthen the back lines of the body. Physically they
stretch the hamstrings, glutes, and the muscles that run the length of the spine. Energetically
forward folds are cooling, calming and introspective. Anatomically the primary action of
forward folds are to flex the hips.

Spinal Twists

San Diego Teacher Training

Anatomically, spinal twists are postures where the spine is in rotation. Physically they maintain
and increase the ability of the vertebra to create rotation. They also stretch the back muscles
and hydrate the spinal disks while lengthening and relaxing the spine. Twists create
compression in the abdominal region, stimulating digestion. Energetically, twists are
neutralizing for the system and are a great complement to both forward folds and backbends.

Hip Openers in the San Diego Teacher Training

Almost every yoga pose is a hip opener. Anytime there is movement of the femur in any
direction, it’s “opening” or creating space in the hip. However, the primary anatomical focus
of some postures maximize the range of motion in a specific action of the hip joint.
Energetically, people often report feeling a somatic release of stored emotions in the joint.
This could present as an unexpected outpouring of tears, laughter or other expressions of


San Diego Teacher Training

Inversions are any pose where the heart is higher than the head. Physically, inversions build
core and upper body strength and reverse the flow of blood and lymph, improving circulation.
Energetically they are uplifting and boost energy. Anatomically there are a wide range of
actions that occur.

Arm Balances

Arm balances are postures that balance on the hands or forearms. Physically they strengthen
the upper body and core muscles. Energetically they help us feel courageous and can give a
sense of accomplishment. They are also uplifting and energizing. Anatomically they require a
strong engagement of the core muscles and can be executed from a variety of positions.

Core Strengthening Postures in Our San Diego Teacher Training

Core Strengthening

Core strengthening postures are poses where the main goal of the position is to engage the
abdominal muscles to build strength in the core. In order to come into the posture, the
abdominal muscles must be engaged. Anatomically, they can be executed from a variety of
positions, mostly seated and reclined. Physically they not only strengthen the abdominal
muscles but the lower back, psoas and other key muscles of the trunk.

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There isn’t enough time to go over every yoga pose under the sun.  However our systematic deconstruction the postures from the set sequence gives you a great foundation.  Once you learn the Buddhi Yoga five points of alignment system,  you can apply it to all poses.  These universal principles teach understanding rather than memorization.

During the training, expect to partner up with other trainees to study, demonstrate, teach and adjust a variety of poses from each category.  You will also teach in small groups and in your final teaching exercise.

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