Teacher of the Month Sara Shermis

sara shermis

Sara took our teacher training a few years ago and it has been amazing to see her grow and evolve. Whenever she walks into the studio she’s always smiling and radiating positive energy. We know that her passion for yoga will take her career in lots wonderful directions and that she will influence many lives along the way. We hope you enjoy her interview below and be sure to check her out subbing and teaching her regular class every Thursday at 4pm.

What Made You Want to Become a Yoga Teacher

The first yoga class I took left me feeling more self-aware, calm and accepting. When I found yoga at a time of high stress in college, it was the only way that peace came easily and I learned how to let go. It quickly became my favorite thing to do, so much so that I wanted it to be in my life all day, everyday. Yoga impacted me by showing me that I was capable of rewiring ways of thinking, believing and being, but it also helped me find the space to have more compassion for myself and others. I’ve never been able to connect with people more easily than I can now, and I feel the practice has given me the ability to show my vulnerabilities and not feel afraid. Helping people to find that space on and off the mat is a dream, because I know how much it impacted my own life and how grateful I am because of it.

What Has Been the Most Rewarding Thing About Teaching Yoga

I love teaching yoga for many reasons. One reason is that it takes me into a “flow state”, where my mind stops at the studio door and suddenly teaching feels more like meditating. It’s like diving into each breath, noticing the space in each moment and creating something greater than myself. The hour disappears and I also disappear in that time, but I have never felt more present. It’s quite the feeling, and it never gets old… just better with time. Another reason I love guiding people in their practice is seeing them fall in love with the poses, watching them notice small changes, and even surprising themselves. However, there’s nothing like witnessing students coming out of savasana looking calm and at peace.

What Do You See Yourself Doing in Ten Years

I would love to still be teaching yoga, leading teacher trainings, traveling more, and running retreats. I would also love to become a writer and have published a children’s book by then!

What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do in San Diego

Besides yoga, I really love the beaches, spending time in coffee shops making playlists or reading. Paddle boarding is something I’m looking forward to come summer.

sara shermis

What’s Your Go-To Grub Spot

Cafe Gratitude or Fish Shop

Which Song is on Heavy Rotation in Your Playlists

I love Never Be Like You, by Flume. Or lately it’s also been On Hold by The XX.

Got Any Advice for People Who Still Haven’t Tried Yoga

The key we’re all looking for to Pandora’s box of self-awareness, consciousness and compassion can be found through yoga and breathing. Research teachers and ask about classes, then pick one with a slower pace to start, where being new is celebrated. It will motivate you to branch out and try all the classes offered so you can find what you like best.

What’s the Funniest Thing that Has Ever Happened to You While Teaching

When I first started teaching, I offered to help my friend with his handstands. I didn’t realize at the time that when people go upside-down they become much taller with the added height from the length of their arms to support them up. So, my calculations were off and when I went to catch my friend’s leg, I accidentally caught something else! Luckily, we’re still friends. But, I don’t catch guy’s legs in handstands anymore… just in case I miss.

What’s Your Least Favorite Pose

It used to be Warrior 1, but now I love that one. Side crow always gives me a bruise on my quad, so it’s probably that one.

sara shermis

Tell Us About Your Mindfulness Classes and Workshops

I used to teach classes on mindfulness regularly at USD and Rancho Valencia. That all started 2-3 years ago when I wrote a book, which I sold to go with the lecture class I created. My path to that place started with yoga, teaching yoga, and staying curious about how to change my ways of being, thinking, believing, and seeing myself in relation to the world around me. There are many ways to classify mindfulness, and I cover many of those, however, one aspect that I feel is imperative to look at is how life always shows us that whatever we believe we are, we eventually become. Sometimes it can seem like the path to uncover what is unconscious is too difficult or uncomfortable to explore. Yet, it is much harder to stay unaware of our beliefs or close ourselves off to seeing ourselves because those beliefs show up whether conscious or unconscious. Ultimately we learn and relearn the same lessons over and over to wake us up to what it is we believe so that we can become even more conscious, connected and self-aware. In a world that is full of fear, being mindful means you have decided to keep clear intentions of not falling into the victim role. or to believe that “life is happening to us,” but instead take responsibility for the life we create with our thoughts. In my workshops I expose you to the possibility that you create who and what you want to become. I show you how this happens and how it effects every aspect of our lives, because beliefs are pervasive. Those thoughts we mindlessly think are dangerous if we don’t want fear to show up as hard lessons. I also offer suggestions on how to change and rewire your mind for a more conscious experience of life’s ups and downs. My belief is that all aspects of life, the good, the bad, and the heavy stuff are all necessary and beautiful, because it leads us to appreciate more. To me, that’s what happiness is all about; Being able to appreciate and accept what is no matter what shape it takes.

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