Farha Crank


Farha was born in Jamaica and grew up swimming competitively throughout high school.  She has always had a passion for health and fitness.   Farha’s yoga journey started over 15 years ago with Bikram Yoga, as she loved the heat that helped her go deep into the body.  She moved to San Diego in 2018 and was searching for the right studio to call home. She was introduced to FlowLIFT by a dear friend and the very first time she took class, she fell in love with the high energy multi-sequence of the class. She loved that the class is so dynamic and it keeps you focused on your movements.
FlowLIFT became an outlet for her during the pandemic and given her both amazing mental and physical changes.  This inspired her to get certified and share her love and energy of this amazing workout with others.



“I started flowlift exactly a year ago, and after trying all instructors I always felt like Farha’s class had something special about it. She’s such an energetic person and always chooses the perfect moves and transitions in all Flowlift exercises. Farha was for sure one of the main instructors that made me fall in love with this amazing workout called Flowlift! I’ve never been a morning person but her class is so good that I started coming for her 6:15am class and changed my entire sleeping schedule just so I could make it to her Flowlift class! These are the type of instructors that truly change your lifestyle for the better and I could not thank her enough to make me join this fun journey.”  -Isabella


“Farah creates an energetic atmosphere in her class that is very encouraging. Her unique style works the body and mind as she incorporates movements that provide a full body workout. She strives to make each class better than the last and thus has many devoted students who would not miss the chance to work-out along side her.” -Mary Brunson




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