Kristi Broughton


I’m always looking for the next thing to challenge my mind and body and when I came upon FlowLIFT I found the holy grail of workouts. I had been taking FlowLIFT for a few years and was ready to take my practice to the next level by getting certified to teach. I’m a busy mom of 2 boys and I love that I can get my workout in 45 sweaty, mind-body challenging minutes. I’m excited to bring the heat and fun to every single one of my classes. Let’s do this!



“I always look forward to my FlowLIFT workout. I love the creativity of each class being always slightly different and even more love the music.”-  Erin Crosky
“I always look forward to attending Kristi’s classes. She has a positive energy that she brings to every class. Her moves are a challenge for the body and mind and I love getting lost in the music. Kristi puts a lot of love into her classes and it shows. Thanks for always giving me the challenge I need at FlowLIFT” – Mel Langford


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