Pegah Ghamary


Pegah started her yoga practice at the age of 14 to help her body’s recovery process while running cross country and playing waterpolo. She earned her yoga teacher certification in Los Angeles, after graduating from UCLA where she studied Sociology and Psychology and studying at Pepperdine Law school, with the intention of sharing her love of yoga with friends and family. This love grew to our wonderful community in her hometown of La Jolla. Pegah incorporates mindfulness in all the classes she teaches including Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa and Breathwork and Meditation. She believes yoga is a practice of self-love and that love is the WiFi connecting humanity to infinite wisdom. You can expect to feel both soothed and energized after class with Pegah.



“Before Breathwork and Meditation class I told my friend I wouldn’t last for more than 10 minutes but Pegah’s class was so great I stayed the entire class and emerged in a different state of mind.” -Liat

“After going to one of Pegah’s Yin classes, I quickly started looking forward to her. I’m so thrilled she has a regular spot now where she can showcase her wonderful combination of knowledge of technique and careful preparation. I always feel better when I leave her class than when I came in.” -Ljubisa

“Pegah has a wonderful energy that comes through in her yoga teachings. She brings her years of yoga experience to the studio to teach a wide variety of poses and meditation practices.” -Stephanie


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