Jenna Zabrosky is Our Buddhi Yoga Teacher of the Month

Jenna has quickly become one of Buddhi Yoga’s most popular teachers and it’s easy to see why. Her passion for yoga and permanent smile makes her students want to keep coming back class after class. As a yoga teacher Jenna is always striving to improve her classes, but she also spends a lot of time developing her personal practice by taking workshops, exploring different teachers and embodying the lifestyle. We got her to answer a few questions for us so read on and be sure to catch her next event.

Jenna Standing Twist

What Drew You to Yoga and What’s Your Favorite Thing About It

My mom brought me to my first yoga class right out of high school. I was immediately drawn to the physical practice, being that I spent my childhood tumbling and competing as a springboard diver. I loved the freedom of expression through asana and of course playing with handstands and arm balances. It was a natural transition for me. I still love the physical aspect of yoga, but it has become such a way of life. Yoga gives me this sense of comfort. It’s a place I can return to over and over again and really be able to get quiet to gain understanding of what’s going on internally. It’s given me a way to navigate my emotions, relationships to others, and just let go of stress and negativity.

Whats Your Advice for Those Who Are Too Intimidated to Do Yoga

Grab a friend and just try it. Everything is always better if you go with a friend. What is there to lose? Nothing! You might just love it. There is this common misconception that you have to be really flexible or strong to practice yoga. Yoga is for EVERYBODY! It’s just about breathing and being present with your body. If you can breathe, you can do yoga!

Who is Your Most Influential Yoga Teacher and Why

I honestly don’t have just one yoga teacher or inspiration. All of my mentors are amazing and I pick up something every time I take one of their classes, workshops or trainings.

  • Amanda McCarroll, “the queen of smooth” has taught me so much about cueing, being really specific and keeping it light and fresh every time.
  • Carolina Vivas, has encouraged me to explore my advanced practice, such as arm balances and inversions. This has helped to shape the way that I teach my level 2/3 classes. She also inspires me to take my sequences to the next level. I have never met another teacher who can make up an elaborate and intelligent sequence on the fly and remember it on the next side.
  • Goldie Graham, always inspires me to think outside the box. Her classes are thoughtfully planned out, down to the minute. Without fail, I learn something new every time, whether its a new transition or a completely new pose to me.
  • Sarah Clark, has taught me to really look at my students, paying attention to the details. She has shown me some real practical, kind ways to adjust and assist my students, empowering them to learn and grow. She always encourages me to reflect on my role as a teacher and intentions when adjusting and teaching.
  • Michelle Hackett’s Astanga inspired classes remind me what yoga is all about. I aspire to set the tone like she does in her classes. She has this gift of getting you to really tap into your breath and body in each pose.

I can not express the amount of gratitude that I have for being able to learn from such a diverse group of mentors.

How Do You Think Yoga Can Help With Real Life Problems

This practice more than anything is about becoming aware. When we can get quiet enough to focus on the breath and sensations in the body, we become in tune with our emotions, thoughts and needs. The more you practice this on your mat it is easier to translate into everyday life. We are so overloaded in today’s society with technology and external stimuli, that we often overlook feelings and emotions. It’s easy to distract ourselves. I always add an aspect of mindfulness into my vinyasa classes. The goal is to empower my students to really listen. Everyday, every moment, is fresh and new, we have never experienced it before. Yoga forces us to be present in each moment, allowing us make informed decisions for our bodies in each pose. When this practice is taken off the mat, we are better equipped to deal with stressful situations, relationships, and whatever life throws at us. We see things a bit more clearly.

What’s Your Favorite Quote

Ego says: Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace
Spirit says: Find your peace and then everything will fall into place

Jenna Smiling

What’s Your Least Favorite and Favorite Pose

My least favorite pose is probably Ustrasana, Camel pose. I have a sensitive low back and neck, so this pose challenges me lately. My body doesn’t want to bend like it used to. I am learning to slowly love back bending again. Handstands are my favorite pose.

Why Do You Love Handstands So Much

Ever since I was a small child I have had this love of being upside down. I spent a ton of time hanging upside down off my bed, couch, monkey bars, you name it. I would even watch tv upside down. My sister and I would have contests, seeing who could walk further on our hands. As an adult, I probably do at least 20 handstands a day. When I find my body in perfect handstand alignment, I feel weightless, like I could just suspend forever. It’s such a great feeling.

Check the events page to sign up for the next workshop with Jenna at the end of July and be sure to check out her classes. We love her!

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