Lauren Padula is Yoga Teacher of the Month

lauren padula yoga teacher
Lauren’s classes have quickly become Buddhi favorites, and after reading the answers below you’ll understand why we wanted to spotlight her as our Yoga Teacher of the Month.

Why Did You Start Doing Yoga

I started doing yoga in college about thirteen years ago as a balance to long distance running (and to the mental rigors of finishing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy). I found it initially for the physical practice, and slowly grew into appreciating the other aspects of it.

What Other Physical Activities Do You Do and Does Yoga Compliment them Well

My primary form of physical activity is running. I love to run the half marathon distance, but somehow continue to find myself testing my limits both physically and mentally by signing up for full marathons, and even a 50k. Yoga is what keeps my body together and my mind calm throughout the stresses of training.

What is Your Favorite Food

My favorite food is peanut butter. Although a close second is cheese and a close third is waffles, but not necessarily together.

What Do You Like Most About Being a Yoga Teacher

I like teaching yoga because it provides me with an opportunity to do two things that I love: use my traditional education and knowledge in a non-traditional setting and introduce people (athletes) who may never otherwise have tried yoga to a practice that I’ve found so beneficial over the years.

You’re Amazing at Teaching Anatomy to Our Teacher Trainees. Can You Tell Us How That Come About

Teaching anatomy to yoga teacher trainees sort of naturally came to be after I finished my 200-hour training with you guys at Buddhi. Having the combination of thirteen years of yoga practice and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, along with six years of practicing traditional PT, gives me a unique perspective. I believe my knowledge about the human body, anatomy, and biomechanics helps future teachers be smarter and safer.

What Do You See Yourself Doing in Ten Years

My parents own a winery in Washington State and while I don’t plan to move back there, I’d love to be involved with it in some way, shape, or form. My dad and I have even talked about putting together “Vinyasa and Vino” retreats, where you’d stay at the winery, learn about winemaking, cook farm-to-table, take yoga, and explore the great outdoors. So stay tuned for that!

November Project

Tell Us About November Project and Your Involvement

November Project is a free, grassroots fitness movement that exists currently in 29 cities across the world. It’s often referred to as the best kind of cult because of the fanatical following of smiling, hugging, sweating humans that show up to workout twice a week at 6:29AM. It’s built on the idea of community coming first and it has impacted countless lives.
I started the San Diego chapter almost three years ago with two girlfriends from college. We didn’t quite know what we were doing, but we knew that what we might build would change San Diego (and our lives) for the better.
Three years later, I’ve stepped down as a leader to have the ability to pour more energy, time, and love into continuing to build my own business. However, I get to boast that I’m part of a tribe that is 230+ members strong. I also get to race my little heart out every week, which is unbelievably fun!

Who’s On Heavy Rotation in Your Playlists Right Now

Ah! Good question. Playlisting is one of my favorite parts of teaching. The music can seriously enhance a good sequence and a good class. I’ve been playing a fair amount of Chet Faker, Glass Animals, and Sylvan Esso. But my playlist changes every class. Spotify’s Discover Weekly is a treasure trove of new artists and songs.

Are There Any Yoga Poses You’re Currently Working and What Are You Learning in the Process

Since the beginning of 2015 I’ve been working on handstand. Prior to then, I couldn’t handstand at all. I literally practiced handstanding every single day in 2015. I’ve learned patience. And I’ve learned that it’s all in the details – when it comes to poses, and to life.

Catch Lauren teaching every Monday at Noon and Thursday at 6:30am.

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