300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training San Diego

300 hour teacher training

Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training Programs

We recently graduated our fourth group of yoga teachers this past summer. Each training has been unique and memorable, with students coming from all over the world. Some completed the San Diego yoga teacher training program in the four-month format, meeting every other weekend, while others chose the three-week summer intensive, studying six days a week. Both programs offer a comprehensive foundation on yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques and many other subjects. At the end of the training all students are capable of teaching yoga classes for all types of practitioners. We introduce our trainees to various styles in hopes that they teach classes in their own unique way based on what resonates with them the most.

A Lifetime of Learning About Yoga

After completing their first teacher training, most teachers feel overwhelmed and not confident enough to start teaching. We remind them that a 200-hour yoga training is just the beginning. If teaching yoga is what they want to do for a living, then they have to be prepared for a lifetime of learning. There was an image going around online a few years ago that showed a diagram of an iceberg in relation to yoga. The small tip of the iceberg above the water was labeled “yoga poses” and the huge ice mountain underwater was labeled “the rest of yoga.” I think about this image often because it’s one of the main reasons that made me want to switch careers and become a yoga teacher. I knew that no matter how much I learned about it, there would always be more. Yoga is such a vast practice encompassing so many things that most of us will barely scratch the surface.

advanced teacher training

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training San Diego

Our 300-hour yoga teacher training San Diego is a great way to continue your yoga education at a leisurely pace. Think of it as a diverse and rich extension of your first training. Instead of simply going over the basics, you will spend many hours dedicated to specific topics such as chakras, subtle anatomy, in-depth breathing techniques, intricate sequencing, and precise adjustments. This advanced training for yoga teachers is comprised of on-going 15-hour weekend modules (Friday evening to Sunday midday) and several five-day intensives over the course of a year. You can sign up for the entire program, or pick and choose the segments that suit you best. All modules will be repeated again the following year with varying electives if you prefer to spread out the training over two years or more. This advanced training is done on your own time, at your own pace.

Why Certified Teachers Need More Yoga Education

Having a completed 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified degree will make you a well-trained and valuable yoga teacher. When hiring instructors, most studio owners give preference to teachers with this credential based on the number of hours you have invested and the quality teacher that it yields. Stay tuned for more information on the Buddhi Yoga Advanced Teacher Training beginning May 2017. In the meantime, visit our events page for upcoming workshops registered with Yoga Alliance as well as our mentorship programs.

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