Eryn Schnitzler

Growing up playing competitive sports, Eryn has always had a passion for health and fitness. Now, as a busy mother of two, she looks to FlowLIFT as a quick way to challenge her body & mind all in one 45-min class. After falling in love with FlowLIFT, she decided the next best step was to dive in and teach! Eryn’s goal is to create a fun and uplighting class with good music, a kick butt workout, and lots of sweat!


“There is no “case of the Mondays” when I know I’m going to Eryn’s evening FlowLIFT class. She always has a bright smile to welcome you and her energy is up lifting. She makes the class fun and exciting with great music (usually some classic hip hop which is amazing) and moves that challenge the body to the max. I definitely love myself some flow lift with Eryn, that’s for sure.” -Kristi Broughton

I’ve been taking FlowLIFT for over a year now and I immediately fell in love with Eryn’s teaching style. Her directions are clear and easy to follow and her music is on point! You can tell that she puts a lot of thought into her playlists — Nothing like good hip hop and dance beats to get you through an extremely challenging workout. Walking out of her class I always feel both mentally and physically satisfied.” -Tara Viola

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