Kat Cowling

kat cowling

Kat Cowling is originally from Brazil and now lives in La Jolla.  Kat is passionate about health and fitness and loves high energy classes. She has degrees in nutrition, Pilates, Booty Barre, and FlowLIFT. She loves doing a lot of different forms of movement, but nothing compares to FlowLIFT because it’s everything all rolled up into one — cardio, a challenging flow, motivating music and moves that increase your mental sharpness/toughness. It’s a workout that makes you connect with your body on all levels and leaves you feeling amazing.  Kat loves to motivate and inspire others to work hard so they can achieve all their fitness goals.

Kat’s message: Workout not to be skinny, but to be strong. Strength is confidence & confidence is beautiful. 


“I love attending Kat’s FlowLIFT class because it’s so, so good. It’s a strong and dynamic class that always has fun new moves. I especially like how she teaches flows that are challenging both for the body and the mind. I always finish Kat’s class feeling my best and a lot stronger than when I came in.  Highly recommend trying her class; you’ll be hooked!”

– Rocio A.


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