Kat Cowling

Kat Cowling

Kat is Brazilian and she’s passionate about health and fitness. She has certifications in Pilates, Booty Barre, and FlowLIFT. She’s always loved high energy classes, but nothing compares to FlowLIFT because it has all her favorite things rolled into one – cardio, a challenging flow, motivating music and moves that increase your mental toughness. It’s a workout that makes you connect with your body on all levels and leaves you feeling like a superwoman. Kat’s spunky personality make her FlowLIFT classes so fun that you forget you’re working out.


“I recently did the flowLIFT class for the first time and Kat was the teacher. I loved it! It was so different than anything I have ever done – very challenging, good vibe, and high energy music that the time fly. I left with a great feeling and I would definitely come back and take more classes, especially if Kat is teaching.” – Viviane Mason

“First of all, Kat is amazing! She’s very confident and her class flow is so smoothly sequenced and paired with great music! Her outgoing personality really makes the class special. She takes an active interest in her students by asking about their day and how they feel! I love that she makes me feel so welcome and comfortable.” -Sofia Bortoni

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