Teacher of the Month Vera Ross

FlowLIFT Instructor

Vera Ross is a strikingly beautiful FlowLIFT instructor  who exudes strength, confidence and humility.  She’s in the most amazing shape!  You will be inspired by her unbelievable attention to detail and physical endurance.  She always shows enthusiasm for learning and a willingness to encourage a sense of community at the studio.  We love Vera! Get to know her below and try her class Sundays at 12:15pm.  She’ll give you the perfect workout with some motivation to take home.

How I Was Introduced To the FlowLIFT Workout

I was introduced to FlowLIFT  in 2018 by my friend and fellow FlowLIFT instructor Magdalena. I immediately fell in love with the challenge of the class format, as well as how intense a 45-minute workout could be in such a short time.  FlowLIFT is effective and fast.  I was blown away by its efficiency and smoothness from move-to-move.

Vera Ross

Let’s Talk About Your Mentors

My closest mentor has been Mags.  She introduced me to the FlowLIFT format and encouraged me to do the teacher training to become an instructor!  I loved it and haven’t looked back since.  I’ve been a personal trainer for a long time, but learning this new modality was the perfect compliment.  Teaching continues to be fun week after week and planning for the classes sparks my creativity like no other.  Thank you mags for pushing me to grow and get out of my comfort zone.
yoga teacher

FlowLIFT Came In At the Perfect Time

I am a former collegiate and competitive runner, so running has been a way to move my body for almost 20 years now. However, the strain of running and heavy weight training had been starting to take its toll on my body, and FlowLIFT came into my life at the perfect time. I can now say that FlowLIFT is one of my favorite ways to move!  It’s functional fitness at its best with low impact cardio moves that work your entire body without ever over-stressing it.  You’ll be sore, but never strained if you move intentionally from your core.

What Every New FlowLIFT Student Needs to Know

My advice for brand new students is to take FlowLIFT classes consistently, and to sign up for the online classes. Utilizing the slow flow format (called LiteLIFT) that we have online will really help you to break down those form movements and get used to the structure of the class. From there, with consistency in the format, you’ll be able to see progress in no time!  I also advise new students to go slow.  You don’t need to go as fast as the teacher and we want you to feel free to modify.  Don’t use weights in the beginning and then add on as you get stronger.
vera ross

Do What Makes You Happy

What makes me happiest are my family, friends, and spending quiet time alone in nature.  It’s important to work hard and move your body, but the opposite holds true as well.  We need the balance of those yin aspects of life…slowing down, connecting with nature and being around loved ones.  Work hard and recharge.  When that cycle is in perfect balance, so are our bodies and minds.

Where to Find Vera Ross

Take a FlowLIFT class with Vera Ross every Sunday 12:15-1:00pm.  Vera also holds Intro to FlowLIFT workshops quarterly at Buddhi Yoga.  The next one is this Saturday, January 8th 1:00-2:30pm.

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