Jenna Zabrosky

Jenna zabrosky

Jenna’s vinyasa classes challenge students to look beyond the physical poses and see what they can take with them off the mat. She creates an environment where students can explore the boundaries of their practice without feeling intimidated. Jenna’s yoga journey started in 1999 when her mom suggested that she come along to a class. She was hooked right away. Physically, it was the next obvious choice for her. After being a competitive springboard diver in high school, yoga seemed like a way to keep her body flexible and strong. What she found was way more than she could have ever imagined. Over a decade of practice has truly changed her as a person. By discovery the power of breath and meditation, she has found a way to stay calm in stressful situations, step out of her comfort zone, and and most importantly, stay present. After completing the 200-hour RYT comprehensive yoga teacher training program at La Jolla Yoga Center, she started teaching the very next day.


“Jenna is always such a great teacher, I have done yoga for many years and I am always happy when I take her class. She even let me record one of her live classes to take with me abroad so I would still get my yoga in. Go with Jenna’s class if you’re looking for a solid teacher who brings a great vibe and energy to all of her classes time after time, along with strength-building as a bonus!” -Aja Lee

“As a brand new yogi, I quickly learned how essential it is to have teachers who truly know how to properly guide their students through movement with the breath. I first tried yoga a few years ago at a corporate gym, and I never felt truly confident in my abilities, so I quit. Six months ago, I tried again at a new studio, and it was teachers like Jenna who helped me easily build confidence in my practice. Jenna’s classes are always centered around how each movement coincides with the breath, and for me, learning proper breathing technique is the best way to advance your practice! Jenna is welcoming, incredibly knowledgable, and continues to make improvements in her own practice, which I personally think is the best quality any teacher in any field can have.” -Elise Bernier

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