Danielle Wolcott

danielle wolcott

Danielle originally found her way onto her mat as a means to create a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. It was love at first breath and she quickly realized that when she kept a regular practice, other aspects of her life felt more balanced as a result. Danielle believes that yoga is truly for everyone and she aims to creates a safe and welcoming environment for students of all levels. She teaches a grounded and balanced class with focused attention on alignment and breath control. Danielle’s class maintains a sense of calm endurance and she invites students to take their practice a little deeper through movement and breath.


“Danielle Wolcott has been a blessing and such a huge inspiration to my yoga practice. Regardless of how my day is going, or what trials and tribulations life is throwing my way, Danielle’s powerful presence has always brought me back, grounding me once again. The humbleness and sincerity she displays through each yoga practice has transformed my life in ways I will forever be thankful for. Her mindful adjustments make the largest impact on my posture and I have truly become stronger because of those minor tweaks.” –Melissa Berger

“I have been taking yoga classes from Danielle for over a year now. My practice has grown due to her knowledge, encouragement, and teaching methods. She is patient and able to instruct at all levels. She recognizes what is good for each student and modifies as necessary. It has been a true pleasure learning from Danielle and I look forward to discovering what more I can accomplish under her tutelage.” –Andrea Alpineiri

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